Wake up call… [SMH]

As I woke up and finally dragged myself out of bed one evening (I work nights),   I noticed my belly rolls rubbing together.  I could all but hear my thighs brushing on each other as I stumbled down the hall.  Upon looking in the mirror, I thought: What the hell had I done to myself?  I have to do something about this travesty.

I’m a registered nurse, and used to be pretty fit, and I know how this thing works: What I need to eat and what I need to do physically to get this weight off. I didn’t put on the weight overnight; and unfortunately, it’s not coming off overnight.  I just need the one thing that I have been lacking. It’s called MOTIVATION.

So, last week, as a “birthday present” to myself, for at least the upcoming year, I decided that I  will start posting my random thoughts, progress, recipes I like, quotes,  and (when I figure it out) I’ll post motivational pictures that don’t take up the whole page… and other stuff that I hope you’ll be interested in.  I’m still “getting it together” so all of the submenus may not have things in there yet, but please be patient – I’m working on it… If you have any healthy recipes, please feel free to submit them and I will post them to my page!

I would love to hear about your personal journey to (or back to) fitness!! If you have transformation stories and/or photos, questions, or topics you would like to see, please email me at thinside_out@yahoo.com

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