Weigh in… [AARRGGGGHHHH!!!!]

So, in order to track progress, I guess I need to have a starting point.  I’ve weighed myself on my fancy-schmancy, “state of the art” digital scale, and actually, I weigh about 4 pounds less than my guesstimate…which is always a good thing.  My depressing measurements are also listed.  Hold on to your hats, friends of mine that I know… this is the cold, hard truth.   If you’re thinking, “OMFG! WTH? Are you SERIOUS?”  – Absolutely. Totally, Unequivocally yes. Sadly my friends, it’s all true.

For the record, I am not choosing a specific number as a goal, as that can be unrealistic. Example: If I do mainly cardio workouts, I might lose weight and get to a “goal weight”, but I am incorporating weights.  Pound for pound, 1 pound of muscle = 1 pound of fat… HOWEVER, muscle mass is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space than 1 pound fat. In case you didn’t know this: Even if you’re sleeping, a pound of muscle burns more fat  than a pound of fat burns in the same time frame.  If you increasing your lean muscle tissue mass, you’re inevitably  helping your body burn more calories.

Ok, so I’ve put this off as long as I can….

Here are my numbers…[SMH]


Pounds:      193.0
% Fat:        32.9
% Muscle:     35.8
% Body water: 44.6
Bust:       43.25
Waist:      42.50
Hips:       46.25
R Thigh:    24.75
L Thigh:    23.75
R Calf:     18.50
L Calf:     18.00
R Bicep:    13.75
L Bicep:    13.00

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