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So… Here’s the deal…

As embarrassing as it is to say, I went from a  size 6-8 to oh… anywhere from a 12-16  >_<   (Even when you’re thin, sizing for females totally sucks).  I’m decently proportioned, and  hide it pretty well when dressed “properly”, which sucks, because it’s taken me longer to admit to myself that I really need to make a change.

I can sit here and play the blame game all day long, but I  know my  obesity is all on me…  I’ve never been one for “numbers”  so, I’m guessing that I’ve gained about 10 pounds per year since 2007. That sounds much better than saying “50-pounds”, but it still doesn’t hide the cold, hard facts.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in deep thought about my life, my job, and the other random things that just pop up in the ‘ole noggin from time to time. I had some issues with a home treadmill that was on the fritz, and after shelling out about $500 it’s now in working order.. [[ YAY!! ]]  So I thought… Hmm.. as motivation, I can post all this stuff on Facebook or Tweet my progress, but think I’ll be more accountable to myself if I do this blog thing.

So, last week, as a “birthday present” to myself, for at least the upcoming year, I decided that I  will start posting my random thoughts, progress, recipes I like, quotes,  and (if I can figure it out) how to post motivational pictures that don’t take up the whole page… and other stuff that you may or may not be interested in.  I’m still “getting it together” so all of the sub-menus may not have things in there yet, but I’m working on it… If you have any healthy recipes, please feel free to submit them and I will post them to my page!

I’ll also be happy to answer questions that you might have about health or fitness related questions, but remember, responses are intended as suggestions to be considered for informational purposes only.


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