Daily Archives: August 27, 2012

progress pix…

I will be randomly posting pix of myself here – probably monthly. Right now I am way too embarrassed about my “before”pictures to put them up, so I will post pictures that were taken on Saturday night at my 20 year class reunion. {{Wow! 20 years}}

– So  you know, I got my hair chopped off  & had it high-lighted for the reunion, so the before pictures [that I haven’t posted yet]  show me with longer, darker hair & were take on 08/20/2012…

My fat head shot….

What I look like when dressed “properly” enough to hide the weight, but 193 pounds is still 193 pounds – no matter how well you try to hide it. BTW: that’s not my margarita. I rarely drink. MAYBE one on my birthday or Christmas or something, if then.


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