I’ve been using this 14 day ‘Acai’ cleanse thing for a few days… Just so you’ll know, it’s not meant as a weight loss pill, calorie burner, or thermogenic. It’s basically a colon cleanser. There aren’t instructions regarding  a  change in your diet or anything in or on the box, and there are varied reviews on the product I’ve been using, but so far it’s worked for me, and that’s what matters. It works for me. Everybody’s system is different, and thankfully I lucked out on this one.

With that being said, I have been trying to eat a little better  – I’ve cut out all sodas and fast foods, am eating more veggies & stuff like the salmon meal I posted about the other day… and I actually feel pretty damn good. Some people say you can lose 1-5 pounds this way on the cleanse, but  I’m not into the “numbers” thing  that  much, so I haven’t weighed myself. I can tell you that I feel so much better!!

I did have a headache for a couple days; probably from cutting out all the sugars and many, many  preservatives [not all; not yet] out of my daily intake… but as a nurse, I know that’s to be expected.

I can’t really explain what I mean  by saying that I really feel “good” right now, but I know I don’t feel “bloated” in the belly anymore. I know the weight is still there.  I just don’t feel like a big ole bloated Oompa Loompa anymore. If it makes any sense, I never realized I felt that way… I guess it’s because I was so used to it.

I can’t wait to see what the next few months and years brings to me on this journey to health & wellness….Especially after something as simple as a cleanse and cutting a ‘couple things’ out of my diet.

*On a side note:  I will tell ya, being a “southern gal”, sweet iced tea is vice of mine. I did order one while out the other day… I was thinking “Heck yeah!”, stuck the straw in the lid and just sucked in that sweet tea like there was no tomorrow. Once I actually got the taste in my mouth, I actually became a little nauseous, as the tea was too sweet for me. I had to throw the rest of it out.  Score one for the healthy eating!  So I guess it doesn’t take that long for your tastes to change.  Since then I’ve been only had one [unsweetened] tea, and added a couple Splenda’s to it.

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