…a not so shameless plug.. LoL

Well now… I think I’ ve been good about what I’ve been eating lately, but I really need to start using again. I have used it before and it’s a pretty damn awesome tool to have.

I’m in no way trying to advertise for them, nor am I employed by them in any manner,  but I do like to share information that might be helpful.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a free website that includes a food diary, an exercise log, ‘Quick Tools’, which allows you to quickly enter meals, previous meals and workouts. There’s also a searchable database of foods – I’ve even put in random ‘store brand’  products just to see if they were listed, and so far, the items have been in that database.. [That’s what’s AWESOME about it – I don’t have to type in everything on the label into my daily diet] 

Another cool thing about it is if you eat a certain brand of oatmeal [or whatever] for breakfast, when you click on ‘Add Food’, it takes you to a page that has that particular food listed [that you have previously input] for you and you just click it. Pretty doggone efficient if ya ask me!

You can invite friends and search other members to keep each other motivated. [My ID is “Sasstronaut” if you feel like looking me up]
They also have a community / group / discussion page that I haven’t used, but it might be good for Q&A & support as well.

There are too many other helpful tools & options to mention, but I think you’ll like it!

 *Note: I also have the [free] app for iPhone; it’s also user-friendly ((& it hasn’t crashed on me yet!!!))




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