On the CROSSFIT wagon…

So, IDK why in the world I’ve been so totally NOT motivated… You probably could have threatened to pull out my fingernails and dip ’em in alcohol and you still couldn’t make me workout…  Yeah, I know. I’m a lazy ass, worthless, SOB, because that’s what I’ve felt like these few months.

I had been contemplating Crossfit for a few months, I had even messaged a friend of mine (Nicki), who is pretty heavy into the Crossfit thing. Pretty much I was inquiring on cost at first… Messaging friends who had trainers, comparing monthly fees… Crossfit around here averages upwards of $125.00 per month. From what I found out from friends with trainers, those vary as well… Anywhere from $30-55 per 30 minute session, 3 times per week… I’m sure if they’re “elite” trainers the price can go up from there – so at $40/session x 12 sessions a month – that’s freaking $480 per month. As an Asian, my math skills pretty much suck, so I busted out the calculator app on the phone… Yep. $480. Damn. It’s cheaper to stay fat, I thought…

So for the past few months, I’ve been budgeting and looking into Crossfit, as that seems to be the closest thing to having a personal trainer without paying per session. I knew I  wouldn’t get a gym membership. From my experience, there’s ZERO accountability there.  For the most part, nobody knows you and nobody cares what you do, how much your push yourself (or not). They really don’t care if you show up as long as thet EFT comes out every month… And from my experience, most of the trainers are “Buff Buffingtons” who are full of themselves, and not really approachable. (Note: I did say MOST, not all!)

I had even been talking to a friend from work for a few weeks about maybe doing the trainer thing…even though I had no clue where I would come up with “that kind” of cash..

Call it Fate, Kismet, Destiny, Coincidence, or whatever you want… On Thursday [12/06], I was flipping through this monthly coupon magazine called the “Money Pages” when I saw this ad, that just HAD to be a MISPRINT… *I flip through those things maybe once every few months…. IF THAT…

Lo-and-behold, there was an ad for Crossfit with a gym adjacent to the facility that recently opened.. HOLY SCHMOLEY – $65.00/month LIFETIME membership – with 24-hour access to the gym.  I thought, “Damn, I need to hop on that horse and ride it into the sunset!!”

…But wait. Yes. I was somehow intimidated. Yes. Intimidated. All I had seen were these people lifting these ungodly amounts of weight and pushups  and situps and omg! What is that they’re doing… NICKI!!!! – I sent her an email with my concerns… and she told me that everyone is encouraging and helpful & reassured me that I wouldn’t feel like a dolt.

Man, was she right. I made an appointment to see Jason, the owner. My very first impression is that he’s genuine in what he has to say, which to me, means a LOT!  He took the time to answer all my questions, address all my concerns, and never seemed like he was in a rush to get rid of me.  I went ahead and signed up that day[last Friday, 12/07], knowing that my schedule would not permit for me to go back until  yesterday [12/11].

He explained to me that he works 1-on-1 with anyone unfamiliar with Crossfit [CF] if they are unable to make the fundamentals class which is a plus!

So today, this man put my ass through the wringer. I knew I was out of shape, but my God, I never knew how out of shape I was.  He kicked my ass so hard [figuratively] that I am happy to be alive to type this… and guess who’s going back for more tomorrow?

That would be me…. (Call me crazy…but I think I’ve FINALLY found my motivation!!)

*I took measurements today. Forgot about the scale until my tummy was full, so I’ll do that in the morning.  Hope to have them up and do monthly weight/proportion updates from now on.

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