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“PROGRESS: noun 1. A movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage…”

GYM - Motivation_149

So… I must say…Since I’ve been working out more regularly – trying to hit 2 classes @ the Y on Mondays & Wednesdays [unfortunately, still not cleared for freaking cross fit yet] & using the time in between at the gym to hit the treadmill or do a little circuit work, I’ve felt much better…  So Basically, I’m Doing Zumba Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday with an extra class on Monday & Wednesday….  Some treadmill

I notice, without even trying, that my posture has gotten better too…especially when walking or sitting in my car.  I’ve also not had a sweet tea since I was sick [Sat & Sun – so that’s about 4 days] – Other than chicken, I’ve pretty much been sticking to salads or steamed veggies…and a lot less in quantity.  I did break down & have a Vanilla Light “Monster” today…

I do have to do all the AMR, BMR, MHR… Just to see where I stand & what intake [calories] I need to sustain… I would like to find someone with calipers to do a “real” Body fat calculation, as I want to see how close my digital scale really is…

Other than the fat-ass numbers I posted the other day, I haven’t weighed myself.  . I can feel a noticeable difference in my lower body, boo-tay, quads, calves…but I see my tummy as a fat bloated train-wreck. Like I think I mentioned, I am taking progress pictures, but they won’t be posted until I’m at a very noticeable  difference in shape/size/weight.. but the 6 pounds that I’ve lost is still a decent start considering I’m also integrating some weights in some of my current workouts.

It may take a while, but I will get to where I want to be… by NOT caving to the fad diets, wraps, etc. that are out there….but by changing my eating habits &  my activity level… basically, I’m making a lifestyle change. Personally, that’s what I feel will withstand the test of time….


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I’m back… Laying My Disgust & Shame Out There for ALL to See =\

It’s been a while since I was on  last;  I keep falling off the workout wagon, and back on and off, etc… Well, I’m back again. I have a new-found motivation!!! :)

I’ve been telling you guys how much of a fat-ass I am… Thankfully, but not happily, I was decently proportioned to have been in the 200 Club, but embarrassed as hell to have made it there. Not only embarrassed, but truly disgusted at myself. I only have the nerve to post what the scale shows, but have and will continue to take progression pix am sure I will post them when I’m more comfortable in my skin. I’m by no means happy where I am, but slow and steady can and will win the race.

I don’t have a “goal” weight, as eventually, I want to start lifting and putting on some muscle/mass/tone. Podiatrist told me to hold off on CrossFit until the tendonitis has gotten a little better but I can do the Zumba/ aerobics types of classes [damn it, but at least I can do something] –

I honestly haven’t given it “100%”, but I have been eating a lot  better and going to Zumba 3 x/week and taking 2 “alternate” classes on top of that – Bodyvive, Bodypump (at the Y) – while I am not “allowed” to do CrossFit…They also put me thru the ringer at physical therapy (tendonitis) for ah hour x2/week….

In the past month, a loss of 1.5 pounds for a weekly average isn’t all that bad. 6.2 pounds in a month x 4 months = about 25 pounds. I’ll take that. Progress is progress.

Since I’m getting over  ‘tummy trouble’ issues, (I had either food poisoning or a 48 hour bug) –  I figure it’s best to go ahead and start eating as healthy as possible now, since I’ve pretty much detoxed from anything with sugar already, & I’ve been doing either nothing or broth / clear liquids for a day… [Was also able to hold down organic broccoli/cheddar soup today! YAY!]  – I intend to start eating waay better than before and get serious with the workout  & adding more cardio to my schedule.

I’m posting a goal dress that I bought for about 6 months down the road… Of course, that isn’t me in the pic..  and a goal swimsuit for 6 months thereafter.. (Unless I find another one I like before then LoL)…

Sadly, below is  the visual proof of the skeleton in my closet. My disgust, my embarrassment… My weight problem… Hopefully, by my birthday (August) I’ll be down at least 15 more lbs. Then in a few more months starting to show some “real” progress.

I hope this embarrassment of mine, and the pix that follow in the upcoming months can and will help motivate some of you, too!! I’m hoping that for me it provides strength to move forward and keep pushing to better myself.

Loss of about 6.2 pounds  in about a month. (4/4/2013 - 5/5/2013)

Progression: 4/4-5/5/2013 ~ Down 6.2 pounds

6-month goal :)

6-month goal 🙂

My 1-year goal

My 1-year goal 🙂

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