“PROGRESS: noun 1. A movement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage…”

GYM - Motivation_149

So… I must say…Since I’ve been working out more regularly – trying to hit 2 classes @ the Y on Mondays & Wednesdays [unfortunately, still not cleared for freaking cross fit yet] & using the time in between at the gym to hit the treadmill or do a little circuit work, I’ve felt much better…  So Basically, I’m Doing Zumba Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday with an extra class on Monday & Wednesday….  Some treadmill

I notice, without even trying, that my posture has gotten better too…especially when walking or sitting in my car.  I’ve also not had a sweet tea since I was sick [Sat & Sun – so that’s about 4 days] – Other than chicken, I’ve pretty much been sticking to salads or steamed veggies…and a lot less in quantity.  I did break down & have a Vanilla Light “Monster” today…

I do have to do all the AMR, BMR, MHR… Just to see where I stand & what intake [calories] I need to sustain… I would like to find someone with calipers to do a “real” Body fat calculation, as I want to see how close my digital scale really is…

Other than the fat-ass numbers I posted the other day, I haven’t weighed myself.  . I can feel a noticeable difference in my lower body, boo-tay, quads, calves…but I see my tummy as a fat bloated train-wreck. Like I think I mentioned, I am taking progress pictures, but they won’t be posted until I’m at a very noticeable  difference in shape/size/weight.. but the 6 pounds that I’ve lost is still a decent start considering I’m also integrating some weights in some of my current workouts.

It may take a while, but I will get to where I want to be… by NOT caving to the fad diets, wraps, etc. that are out there….but by changing my eating habits &  my activity level… basically, I’m making a lifestyle change. Personally, that’s what I feel will withstand the test of time….


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