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Workplace Exercises…

I took a couple days off to clean house and have some R&R time, but I did find some charts with pix of some exercises that you can do while on the job.  Granted, all are not feasible at every job, but you can  modify them to fit your needs or to the setting you’re in.  They aren’t the best in the world, but they are something…… and something is always better than nothing!

Ok, I know this isn’t an actual “exercise” – but seriously… Take the stairs unless you’re on the 10th floor or something crazy LoL !

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Well now… I think I’ ve been good about what I’ve been eating lately, but I really need to start using again. I have used it before and it’s a pretty damn awesome tool to have.

I’m in no way trying to advertise for them, nor am I employed by them in any manner,  but I do like to share information that might be helpful.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a free website that includes a food diary, an exercise log, ‘Quick Tools’, which allows you to quickly enter meals, previous meals and workouts. There’s also a searchable database of foods – I’ve even put in random ‘store brand’  products just to see if they were listed, and so far, the items have been in that database.. [That’s what’s AWESOME about it – I don’t have to type in everything on the label into my daily diet] 

Another cool thing about it is if you eat a certain brand of oatmeal [or whatever] for breakfast, when you click on ‘Add Food’, it takes you to a page that has that particular food listed [that you have previously input] for you and you just click it. Pretty doggone efficient if ya ask me!

You can invite friends and search other members to keep each other motivated. [My ID is “Sasstronaut” if you feel like looking me up]
They also have a community / group / discussion page that I haven’t used, but it might be good for Q&A & support as well.

There are too many other helpful tools & options to mention, but I think you’ll like it!

 *Note: I also have the [free] app for iPhone; it’s also user-friendly ((& it hasn’t crashed on me yet!!!))




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Big, [not so] FAT, GREEK Yogurt!!! I love it!!!

Personally, I like the taste of Greek yogurt better than regular yogurt. To me, its consistency is better, and you can use it in cooking.  Here are some advantages of Greek Yogurt that you might not know about:

It’s higher in probiotics, healthy bacteria that resides in your GI tract. They can help keep your plumbing in check and is pretty good if you have issues with constipation & such.

You can substitute it for cream in recipes, in smoothies, salads, and dips.

Make sure to look for the low-fat or fat-free yogurt, as the “regular” kind can be high in saturated-fat.

Greek yogurt also contains less sugar and more protein than regular yogurt. In some cases, Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as regular yogurt brands!

There are two pix that I’ve posted. One is a substitution chart that I’ve felt is very helpful when I cook. I actually printed this and have it in the front of my recipe book.  



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5 meals a day?? Say What???

Ok… So I’ve been trying to do this “Eat 5-6 small meals a day” thing… and in theory… it sounds great! However, it’s a hard plan to implement if you’re not used to it. Trying to eat something healthy every 2-3 hours is actually pretty time-consuming.

Something else I’ve found is that sometimes I’m not hungry when it’s “time to eat”, so I don’t eat. I get sidetracked, then it’s a few hours later and I’m famished.  Working out the bugs is going to be hard for me, as I work nights, and it can get so busy that a lot of nurses don’t get a chance to eat.  I also try to keep (sort-of) a “day” schedule when I’m off work, so eating times are something I need to work out on a 24 hour basis. –I’m trying though, and that counts for something.

For work, I’ve gotta start taking healthy snacks to work, something I can just grab and eat on the fly if necessary, even if it’s not a “meal”; Maybe some celery, fruit, nuts, and maybe raisins. I could make a sandwich & cut it in half, or maybe keep an energy or protein bar to snack on.  Not eating anything from 5pm until 3 or 3:30 am must be taking toll on my system.


For those of you that don’t know, eating 5-6 smaller meals over 3 squares is supposed to benefit the body in a number of ways.  For starters, if you eat 2-3 big meals, your ‘primitive’ body takes that as a sign that you might not be getting food for a while and kick into “starvation/storage” mode and store those calories as fat.  As modern as we are, the body is still primitive in its existence, taking all necessary actions to try to save itself.

Eating multiple meals daily keeps your metabolic processes working at a steady rate, when your body goes into starvation mode, metabolism slows down. It also keeps your blood glucose levels at an even level throughout the day, which prevents your blood glucose from spiking & dropping.


You’re also waaay less likely to binge eat the wrong foods if your belly is constantly full.
*When you binge after going a long time between meals, those calories are stored as FAT!

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Why Water??? Maybe boring…but educational nonetheless…

So… Most people know that about 60% of your body is composed of water. Here’s a few facts that you may or may not already know [& may  be a little boring] … but the slide show is pretty cool

  • Water acts as a medium to support numerous metabolic reactions
  • Water (the main component of blood) carries:
    • To the cells: nutrients, hormones, and other compounds
    • And metabolic waste products away from the cells, for excretion from the body (mainly sweat and urine) . 
  • Water plays a major role in body temperature regulation. Through sweat production, and its evaporation from the surface of the skin, excess body heat is dissipated.
  • We lose approximately 2.6 liters of water  on a daily basis from breathing, sweating, urination, and elimination (bowel movements)
  • Replacing water is important when there is any physical activity. Activity means that you will have  increased water requirements that parallel sweat losses. If these increased requirements are not met, the body can enter a state of dehydration.
  • DRINK BEFORE YOU GET THIRSTY!! You are already at the least slightly dehydrated when you feel like you need something to drink!! 
  • Drinking water SUPPRESSES the APPETITE!! If you  aren’t drinking enough, your body can interpret thirst as  hunger & you will wind up eating when you’re really not hungry!!! So DRINK UP!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Am I Dehydrated??? You can usually tell by the color of your PEE!!

“Developed by Professor Lawrence A. Armstrong,  a specialist in sports physiology and an expert in hydration, the hydration chart represents how urine color provides an indication of patients’ hydration status.

Urine ideally should be pale yellow or ‘straw-colored’, corresponding with a state of optimal hydration (euhydration). The darker the color, the more concentrated the urine and the more dehydrated the patient…This tool may be used as an indicator of the hydration state. Please note that urine color may be influenced by the content of diet or medical treatments.”

“The Importance of Healthy Hydration.” Hydration for Health | H4Hinitiative. Sudler &Hennessey, n.d. Web. 29 Aug. 2012. .

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